What’s Your Go-To Music App?


What kind of music do you workout to?  Where is your playlist from?  Are you sill buying CD’s?  Our musical opportunities are constantly evolving and I’m trying to keep up.  I’m an Apple user and still find myself buying music on iTunes.  So yesterday right?  Over the Summer I learned about Amazon music. I’m a PRIME member who doesn’t take advantage of what PRIME has to offer.  Who knew there was a portal to music for free with your membership?  So, for everyone else who is unaware or even needs a new option to obtaining workout music, here is a list of Apps to try.


Tidal- Premium is 9.99$/mo or HIFI is $19.99/mo


Amazon Music- Free with Prime Membership (no ads)


Apple Music- $9.99/mo


iHeart Radio- Free

spotifySpotify- Free (ads) or Premium membership is $10/mo


Pandora- Free (ads) or Membership is $4.99/mo