A Personal Trainer’s Food Log

A Personal Trainer’s Food Log

Usually about every quarter, I ask my clients for a food log.  Some, I don’t look at based on what their goals are.  Others I go over like a fine tooth comb.  What am I looking for?  For one, are they getting the proper nutrition at the right time of day?  If Client A needs more calories for her night shift at the hospital, is she preparing herself to have energy for when she goes to work?  If Client B is looking to lose weight as one of his goals, is he maxing his caloric value and not eating junk foods or empty calories.  Second, is their intake matching up with what their goals are- athletic performance, weight loss, having more energy, etc.?

Every single client is different and I treat their evaluation of food logs the same way, so when a client of mine challenged me to keep a food log for myself, I was a little taken back.  For one, I’m pregnant.  Two, I’m a vegetarian.  Three, my life is completely different than that of this client……COMPLETELY.  I asked her what she looked to gain from seeing my log and her response was, “I’m running out of motivational options.”

Too many times people look for motivation from others when they need to have the motivation come from self.  When we don’t hold ourselves accountable, we tend to blame others and the “outside” motivation.  Food logs aren’t to be made as homework to be turned into a teacher, but for an accountability check point for oneself.  If the food log doesn’t match the fitness goal, then it’s time to make a change.

Of course, I didn’t let the challenge go.  Here is a snap shot of a pregnant, vegetarian, personal trainer’s food log 😉

An inside look into my refrigerator and pantry!

Pln oatmeal w almond milk and tsp real maple syrup/coffee
Chobani Greek yogurt w peaches
Couple slices of watermelon
Grilled salmon and roasted broccoli/1 glass of red wine
Kodiak protein pancakes

2 scrambled organic eggs/coffee
1 pillsbury biscuit/chobani Greek yougurt w blueberries
1/2c sliced strawberries
1# crab legs/1 glass wine
Sm almond cupcake
Raw kale salad w tsp dressing

Pln oatmeal w almond milk/ 1tsp real maple syrup/ coffee
Cheese stick w -c strawberries
Raw kale salad 1 tsp dressing.
Cheese stick
1c red velvet ice cream
Couple pretzels
Butter beans w a little bit of roasted broccoli

Kodiak protein pancakes w almond milk and real maple syrup/ coffee
Protein cookie bar
Butter beans/1c strawberries
1c of ice cream
Large salad (fresh arugula fr garden) w balsamic vinegar and EVOO- side plate of pasta and homemade pasta sauce

*About 96oz water throughout each day!