A Practical Guide to your Gym Resolution

It’s that time of year again.  Have you purchased your gym membership yet?  You probably already have one but haven’t been going huh?  I’m not going to sugar coat this blog at all.  I’ve seen it tons of times.  There are jokes about it- The New Years Resolution of getting healthy.  The influx of memberships all over the globe.  The downward spiral of your goal to be lost by March 2017….maybe mid February.


Here are a few things you need to iron out before you step foot in your local fitness facility.  You will thank me later!

  1.  Be honest with yourself.  If you have a membership and only went twice a week, what makes you think you are going to go 5 days all of a sudden?  Better yet, if you haven’t gone all year, for whatever reason?  Adding something, anything, to our schedule requires preparation.  Have you done that?
  2. Figure out what time of day you can get in to the gym and when you think you have the most energy.  If you’ve always wanted to get it out of the way in the morning but haven’t done it- don’t try it.  If you’re an evening person, stick to what works for you.  Forget what you read in a magazine.
  3. Are you a group person or a loaner?  If you are a group person, check out the group fitness schedule.  If you’re a loaner, hook up with one of the personal trainers on staff and ask for a free session.  Seriously.  Wouldn’t you want the education of a professional on how to work out, rather than wander around aimlessly from machine to machine becoming the next You Tube sensation because you used a piece of equipment wrong?
  4. Which leads me to personal training.  Yes, I am biased about this because I am one.  Hiring a trainer for a couple of sessions will be the best money spent all year.  It’s a jump start to that healthier you, understanding the equipment, and the science behind sets to reps.  Yes, there’s more to exercising than 3 sets of 10 reps for the rest of your life….you will get no where.
  5. Lastly, and this is the hard one, be patient.  What?!  Yes, be patient.  If it’s taken years to put on 20 pounds, why do you think it’s going to take 1 year to come off?  Ah, that’s right, because the tv shows, magazines, and diets all over the world told you so.  If you try to take it off fast, the weight will come back even faster.  You are messing with your metabolism.  Guess what?  You have to eat healthier too.  Working out doesn’t do it alone. SHOCKER!

My biggest take away for you, plan, PLAN, PLAN.  Write it down.  Stick it all over the house.  Don’t be that member in February/March.