Christmas has me like…?

Today someone asked me if I was ready for the holidays?  Ready?  I’ve been ready since Halloween!

In the spirit of making my family happy, it amazes me how if we already lost ourselves as a parent, then we are definitely not to be found August to January 1 correct?  Let’s look at this timeline:

August- the start of school.  Here in northern Virginia, we have start dates before Labor Day.  This means that you better get supplies and clothes ready to go over the Summer.

October- Halloween…Trick or Treating and school functions are in full swing.  Then comes the 2 big ones-

November and December.  First, the kids are barely in school during November due to Teacher Work days, voting days and now in Thanksgiving break.  This will create a snowball effect into the cold winter months, maybe a day off here and there and Christmas break.  Both of these months are slammed pack with school parties and events that leave you with your head spinning.

Now, I’m not a Pro.  In fact, I’m brand new at this.  All I want to do is stay on top of things and make sure everyone is happy.  What once was, takes on new meanings.  I will say this as a newcomer; 1. Relax, 2. Don’t go overboard and 3. DELEGATE.  Number 3 is a big one.  Let other people in the house get things done.  And if it can’t get done?  LET IT GO!  Seriously.  LET IT GO.  The sooner you adopt this mindset, the better off you will be.



Let’s talk beauty products


In my 20’s I slept in my make-up.  No cares in the world.

In my 30’s I started to get serious about my skincare, especially after having children.  

In my 40’s my skincare regiment is a must.

I eat very well and drink water all day long.  After having my first child, I stayed on a multivitamin and started to firmly believe in the health of your skin begins from the inside out.

I have oily skin and large pores.  If I bought something to reduce the size of pores and dry out my face, it was too much.  I would then become extremely sensitive and develop rosacea.  After having my second child, I would easily develop boils on my face, or under the skin acne.  It was horrible.  Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Danielle Omar recommended Beauty Counter products and I’m hooked. Clean Beauty/Safer Skincare is their moto.  No harsh chemicals, not tested on animals and completely friendly for all.  You can read the company’s full story here.

Below are my must haves, not only for myself, but also for my children.  We may not go out to eat or see the newest movie, but I will spend money on good products used everyday.