Mindfulness- How to practice being in the moment


We hear it too often, people are to practice being mindful.  What exactly is mindfulness? In a nutshell, mindfulness is being aware of the moment that you are presently in.  It’s how the senses react to the situation.  Let’s think of an example- got one?  If not, I have plenty!

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you are hungry.  You walk in to the house and grab the quickest thing you see.  Maybe cookies on the counter?  Chips in the pantry?  Whatever it may be, more than likely you will regret eating it and it won’t fill you up.  Let’s step away from the urge to do the action and think about WHY you feel this way.

Why?  Did you have enough to eat at lunch?  Was lunch filling enough? Have you had enough water throughout the day?  The body needs water in order to function.  When are you eating dinner?  Will this snack satisfy you until then?  Mindfulness is STOP-FEEL-THINK.

If you take a minute, you will make a BETTER decision and learn from it.  Then, you may stop the cycle.  Try it next time you rush to a conclusion; STOP-FEEL-THINK.


Best regards,