Confessions of a personal trainer-Part 1: Nutrition




Laugh at the title but it’s true.  Personal trainers have their own battles and issues they fight.  You may come in contact with a trainer and think “they eat well all the time”.   I’ve got a news flash- we don’t!

Let’s begin with nutrition.  I’m a vegetarian, my husband loves meat, I have a growing toddler, and a picky teenager.  I love wine.  My husband loves beer.  Our refrigerator looks like a smorgasbord.  God forbid my husband brings home an apple pie.  I eat half of it!

What?!  I drink wine and eat sweets!  Yep!  And it’s Girl Scout Cookie season too.  Here’s the problem- I don’t buy this type of food on a regular basis.  When I have the opportunity to indulge, I take it.  It might be in the house for a week and I might eat whatever it is everyday!  Why do I do this?  Why can’t I just stop?

Although those thin mints are the best, and you know they are, I tell myself that eating too much will make me lethargic and cause inflammations within the body.  I can have these thoughts because I am mindful in my actions.  I will though, have those moments of weakness where I’m stressed, indulge, and feel totally disgusting afterward.

What about home cook meals?  Pshaw!  I’m up at 4:30am Monday through Saturday, work until 2pm, put my mommy hat on from 2:30-6pm, put my dog owner and maid hat on in between, back to work from 6:30-8pm, then get ready for bed.  There are times where I might eat just a salad or pasta with olive oil to get something in my stomach before bed.  How often does this happen?  I might follow this pattern 3 days a week.  I’m tired and busy just like the rest.  Personal trainers do have “normal” jobs to which multi-tasking is key, overwhelmed with responsibilities not just to clients, but their personal life as well.

The point is, we’re human just like you.