Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover……



I was in a fitness studio yesterday browsing through their choice of magazines to display for people to read, when I picked up a running magazine.  I was happy to see, on the front cover, a plus size model.  Thinking to the years I’ve been in fitness and all the body shaming issues going on today, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “You go girl.”

I recently completed a half marathon in September where all shapes and sizes were running 13.1 miles.  There, everyone was giving everything they had to be fitter, healthier and crush assumptions.  The assumptions that fit people look fit, runners look skinny and healthy people are toned.  Nope, not all all.  No matter what the size is, all people deserve respect for their efforts.  I bet if you put some of the overweight women in regular lounge clothes who ran that 1/2 marathon, they would be frowned upon.  Put them in running gear and have them run miles that you may not even touch, praised.  So what gives?

We have become a world that judges based on what we perceive.  Why?  Is it because we are hard on ourselves so we may be hard on others?  Do we think that others should act or look a certain way?  In some way we all struggle.  We may struggle mentally, physically or spiritually.  By no means should we impose our struggles on to someone else.  Just remember, that person in line at the grocery store who is over weight may have kicked your ass running a race that you would never run.


Be kind!

Kristina Casillo-Collins