Don’t wait!

Have you ever told a personal trainer or even a friend, “I’m waiting to get in shape or drop a few more pounds before hiring a personal trainer or attend a fitness class.”  WHAT?!  I was recently the recipient of this comment as I was speaking with some area companies.  The comment was, “I don’t think the employees will benefit from it right now.  They might be more interested in fitness after the holidays.”  Ahhh yes, let’s wait until the New Year’s!   Three months later, that person is still waiting for that change….

Do you think that a personal trainer only trains fit people?  I didn’t start my business off of, “I’m going to start a business and see how it goes, and then hire a financial advisor.”  If I waited for every single person to get in shape instead of taking my advice from the beginning, I wouldn’t have a job.

Hiring a personal trainer is like going to school to learn something new.  You meet with your trainer on a weekly basis designated on a specific day.  You will learn about the body and what it can do.  You might even learn a little about yourself and exceeding your own expectations.  I often ask clients as to why they hired me-thankfully no one has said “I don’t know.”

Here are the top reasons: accountability (through sessions), education (learn the correct way to work out), boost confidence/self-esteem, to be able to enjoy their lifestyle (ADL’s), and as someone to talk to like a therapist (just kidding).

I wish that we can change the need for a specific date, like New Year’s, to change our life around.  Fall is approaching, kids are back in school, the holidays are right around the corner, and we just wait for that one perfect moment.  Why not take it now?  Why not be prepared instead of fixing things after the fact?  Look at areas of your life where you would like your health to improve- whether it be starting a fitness program, hiring a personal trainer, getting on a meal plan, and ask for help.  It’s a lot better than doing it alone!