Exercise like an Olympian!

The Winter Olympics are underway in Sochi and I’m so excited to have found an article that has me motivated even more to finally take up curling.  Just Kidding. Yes, I love the event curling.  I think it’s the anticipation and accuracy of this winter olympic sport that has me intrigued.  To me, its the ice version of bocci ball.  Although it’s not realistic to just pack up my gym bag and hit a local rink, I found the amount of calories burned during these 5 events interesting.  I may have missed my calling!


1. Skiing

I miss downhill skiing.  When I was living in Buffalo, I belonged to a club and traveled each weekend to the local slopes.  An hour of moderate intensity downhill skiing will burn 612 calories, while cross-country skiing will burn 816 calories!

2. Hockey

I love this sport, but fortunately you will not find me on the ice anytime soon. Although, one can burn 544 calories in one hour.

3. Curling

You only burn 272 calories in an hour, but it still looks like fun!

4. Skating

I have a lot of work to do because I don’t think my type of skating at the local rink burns 196 calories and I’m far from burning the 516 calories done through speed skating!

5. Snowboarding

I always skateboarded as a child, so why not snowboard?  I might just be able to burn the 429 calories in an hour.