Heroes 4 Health: Spotlight on Phillipe


Meet a hero of mine, Philippe.  He came to me wanting to improve his overall health through an increase in energy, improved cardio endurance, and an increase in strength.  Plagued by GSD, a steel rod in his leg, osteoporosis, and kidney surgery, Philippe recognized his obstacles but wanted to take on the challenge.
For those of you who don’t know what Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) is; “was almost universally fatal until 1971 when the first effective therapy was discovered, cornstarch. While this may not sound sophisticated, it turned this from a fatal disease to one where people are thriving. When treated properly, patients are healthy; when suboptimal treatment occurs, however, patients may develop permanent neurologic damage, seizures, or even die. Even with modern therapy, complications remain common including hepatic adenomas, liver cancer, renal failure, osteoporosis, anemia, and inflammatory blowel disease”.
The very food we often take for granted, my client uses as fuel just to make it through his days.  He takes in 55g of cornstarch 4x/day and 70g, twice a day.  He doesn’t eat balanced meals and doesn’t care about the taste of food.  Philippe doesn’t like to cook and why should he?  He can’t enjoy food like we do.
The young man who walked into the studio wanting to change is life, has changed mine.  We often take to much for granted- even our necessities to stay alive.  Philippe now exercises 3x/wk and eats low sugar veggies nearly everyday day.  He always has a positive attitude that lights up a room.  I am so proud of you!