How Exercise Effects The Body!

Proof Is In The Pudding!

Let me introduce you to Emily.  Emily came to me years ago looking for a personal trainer to help her get in shape.  Exercise was foreign to her, cooking was a challenge and her confidence was nonexistent.  Emily has hypothyroidism, social anxieties and immune disorders. She knew that she had to make a change to her current situation.  After years of fluctuating weight and health due to her lifestyle, Emily had enough.

She purchased the Fitbit and began to take her health to a different level.  First, Emily changed her eating plan.  She packed healthy snacks to eat in the car during a daunting commute to and from work, began eating more vegetables (which are not her favorite) and cut down on the lattes.  Next, we added another day to her personal training schedule.  Emily leans on me as her trainer for the method to our madness.  I am the brain driving the function.  She doesn’t want to have to think about sets to reps, high intensity/low intensity, impact versus non-impact, etc. (Insert reason for hiring a trainer here.) Finally, Emily made the subtle changes to impact her activities of daily living.  Working at a desk all day, she gets up and walks around often, taking the stairs when she needs to.  She parks far away, stretches daily and walks with a group in her neighborhood once a week.

Emily has done everything one needs to do not only to see results, but to get life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the future.  She has now realized that it’s the small wins that make the biggest impact.  Emily will now send me texts, sometimes frustrated that she only walked 2 miles, not 3.  What she doesn’t realize is, I’m already jumping for joy over the fact she got out of bed to exercise. As she approaches 50 years old, Emily understands that there are many factors to the big picture. One, figure out where you would like to be and what you would like to change.  Two, create a support system.  Sure Emily has a trainer, but she also has the support of those around her, even a device of some sort to keep her focused.  Three, there are steps to creating a change, the change doest create itself.

Not only has she received kudos from colleagues, friends and doctors, but her Fitbit has been a constant reminder to keep pushing on a job well done.  Emily has lost weight, improved her mental and physical health and now challenging herself outside her normal routine by signing up for her first half marathon!  Words can’t describe how proud I am to be part of her journey.

Emily’s Weight Loss In One Year


Emily’s journey should be a reminder to all that life has it’s up and downs but that doesn’t mean we need to succumb to the changes.  Time, patience and persistency pays off!

Emily’s Change In Resting Heart Rate