How to “Get back on track”


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This post has been in the making if not for a couple of weeks, then for the entire length that I have been personal training- over 15 years!  Every week I am met with a frustrating person asking how to “get back on track”.  In fact, I was faced with that question three times in just two days last week!

Repeat after me, “I’m not off track.”  Do it again.  “I’m not off track.”  Were you sticking to your health plan during the week and had a “bad” Saturday because you went to a barbecue?  Did you enjoy yourself?  Great!  That’s life!  That’s what happens.  How boring would life be if we did the same thing day after day, eating the same type of food.  It’s actually why people tend to NOT stick to a plan at all- people are so tight on their diet that they don’t leave any wiggle room.



You’re not off track.  You are the same person you were yesterday, when you ate the way you think you should’ve.  You aren’t going to hell because you hate a hot fudge sundae!  If you indulged on one meal or one day, think of eating a bit healthier the day after.  Sundays are my “anything goes” type of day.  I go with the flow and flow with what we have planned with our family.  If it’s not quite what I stick to during the week, I know I have a new day on Monday.  If I didn’t eat a salad on Sunday, or even lacked in ANY vegetable eating, I make sure to get that salad in on Monday.  It’s OK.

So please, don’t be so hard on yourself.  You haven’t fallen of track.  You’re still on it.  Enjoy the little things.  Make sure that the healthy eating outweighs the not-so-healthy eating.



Kristina Casillo-Collins