I will workout for a bit, then hire a personal trainer.

Sound familiar?  As a personal trainer in a large fitness center, I heard this quote quite often.  Unfortunately, if you’ve thought or even said this before, you have it all wrong.   Personal trainers are available to you so that you both can lay the groundwork to achieve success.  Do you go to your gym and know exactly what you’re doing?  By not hiring a personal trainer you might, become frustrated with the lack in results, have slow progress on what you are attempting to get accomplished, or even worse- injure yourself.  Who would want any of those outcomes?


Let’s take the common goal, “I want to lose weight.” If you have had this goal a few times in your life, it’s time to hire a personal trainer. Sure you can pick up the next Self magazine that’s published for millions of individuals.  How about researching exercises and nutrition on the web to become an expert in Dietetics and Exercise?  Could you invest in the next fad diet or exercise routine that normally has a popularity expectancy of 9 months?  Why not do it right the first time?

Your fitness routine is dictated by a few key points.  If you can only go to the gym twice a week, then you need to maximize that time that you’re there.  If you can go 4 times a week, you may be able to attain your goals a bit quicker.  This leads to the first thing I talk about with potential clients, EXPECTATIONS.  Second, you have to be REALISTIC.  If you are only going twice a week and need to lose 20lbs., be patient.  Patient?  It’s going to take more than 3-6 months to successfully lose weight and keep it off.  Most of us don’t live in a world where we have a personal chef, can workout whenever we want, and have a nanny, dog walker, or anyone else to help us with our responsibilities in life.  Third, a reason people hire personal trainers is for ACCOUNTABILITY– someone who is going to be there waiting for you, guiding you through the best routine to fit your needs, and educating you in the process.

Don’t waste time and effort investing in a path that was created for everyone else.  Find a personal trainer that will guide you correctly through a program that is only suited for you.  In hiring a personal trainer do your research and ask questions. Good luck!