Just because you haven’t made the progress you think you should’ve by now, it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress….


Longest title for a blog huh?  I bet it caught your attention though.  Every 3 months or so, I re-test my clients in their health and fitness goals.  At times, its not really a test at all, but a check point system.  Are we moving forward?  What’s working and what’s not.  Every 6 weeks, I re-design their workout schedule based off of their goals.  Are they doing the workouts?  Are the workouts getting easier?

Without fail, there is always at least 1 client who thinks they should be ahead of the game.  This client may have exceeded all of our small step goals, but somewhere on their path, they believe that the larger goals should be getting closer.  Is that you as well?


I know exactly where this thought process stems from.  Inundated by TV commercials for gyms, current weight loss programs, the chit chat over coffee with a friend or a significant other losing weight faster all tugs at the psyche of this client.  Everyone else for that matter too.  I can’t stress enough that everyone is different and their journey is equally different.  WE have become products of our environment, but expect to change that environment in a matter of a few months.  I try to stress that we are trees.  I know, sounds funny.  Our roots are our foundation.  This is what frames us- motivated, introverted, anxious, etc.  It’s our personality.  From there we extend through life, not changing anything about us, but growing from our experiences.  No matter, we are still the same person.  Some of us grow a little faster and others grow slower, however, we still grow.  Don’t look at your health goals as the end all-be all.  It’s a growing process.  However you may look at it, that growth is progress.  Don’t worry about what you see or what your hear.  Focus on your tree and let it grow.