Keep Going!

We are over a month into the New Year, so how are you doing?  Are you maintaining the path to your health and fitness goals?  If not, don’t get down on yourself.  I’m sure there are several reasons why you have stumbled and that’s ok.  I repeat, that’s ok!  Take a deep breath and let’s reassess your New Year’s Resolution.  Take a look at a few questions I have for you and write down your answers.


Reassessment of New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Was your goal specific enough?  “I want to lose weight” is very vague.  Do you want to lose 5lbs?  Do you want to lose 50lbs?  What would you be happy with or what’s needed?
  2. Is your goal measurable?  How are you tracking your progress?  Do you weigh your food on a food scale?  Do you weigh yourself once a week?
  3. Who’s in your circle?  We can never get through a life change by ourselves.  Normally your goal will affect others.  Do you have support from family or friends?
  4. Are you OK with ANY progress?  If it’s challenging for you to get to the gym 3 days a week and you’ve only been going 1-2x/wk, are you OK with that?  Of course, something is better than nothing.
  5. Are you patient?  We want a change and we want it now….right?  You will be more successful with this change if you allow your body and mind to grasp the change.

I often come across people who are so hard on themselves for “slipping up” on a meal or extra glass of wine.  As long as you don’t re-create bad habits, you are living and living is good!  Take a step back, re-assess your path every once in while, and keep going!


“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” -Dennis P. Kimbro