Kristina Casillo-Collins, Owner

   F.I.T. studio was created with the foundation of over 20 years of personal and professional experiences in the health and fitness industry.  As I saw a need for clients to function through their daily life, rehabilitate from new or old injuries, and feel confident about themselves, I fine tuned my level of expertise.   My youngest client is 13 years old, to my oldest at 82.  The education I have gained over the years has been applied through my training, especially with children, athletes, pre/post natal, and pre/post rehabilitation.

      It was the work in physical therapy office and hospital settings in Jacksonville, Florida where I really absorbed the information presented to me practicing as an Orthopedic Technician and Certified Athletic Trainer.  Once I moved to Virginia and began working at Life Time Fitness, I gained clients who not only wanted to lose weight, but had a difficult time physically functioning.  I myself have championed through 7 surgeries, do my best in raising my children, and strive to be a great wife to my husband.  I understand that life brings challenges, but I also know that challenges don’t last long.  Not only can I relate with you physically, but I can also understand emotionally.


Corrective Exercise Specialist, CPT (certified Personal Trainer)- National Academy of Sports Medicine

Pilates Instructor Mat L1-3- Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute

Inova Health System Health Educator

Cigna Health Educator

Special Olympics Powerlifting Coach

Girls On The Run Coach

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What My Clients Are Saying

“Kristina is my retirement fund.  If I don’t invest in my health, how can I live to do the things I want to do?”

David O.
David O.Studio Client

“The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Kristina’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging, yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!”

Tina C.
Tina C.Corporate Client

“I started with Kristina 6 years ago because I had been injured. My initial goal was to increase strength. Now, I continue my personal fitness routine for a couple of reasons: conditioning towards the best possible me, stress release from my occupation, and now today, I see personal fitness as something everyone should do. It keeps me mentally, physically, and emotionally well.”

Maria H.
Maria H.Studio Client

“I hired Kristina to change up my old workout routine.  The change in pace has not only literally transformed my body, but I also feel healthier and stronger.”

Courtenay D.
Courtenay D.Corporate Client

You have inspired me to start up a regular exercise routine again, so for that I am grateful. I feel so much stronger than I did when I started with you.

Sandra W.
Sandra W.Corporate Client

Sam and Sandy D. looking great at their 50th Wedding Anniversary! No matter how I challenge them during their fitness routine, they both conquer every exercise.