New Year’s Blues

hard work

Right about now, you might be thinking that it’s not worth it to try to workout more.  You can’t even give it a thought after a long day at work, sick kids, or being stuck in traffic.  I agree, sometimes goals seem so out of reach that I ask myself, “What was I thinking?”  Just remember a few things:

1.  The average time it takes to create a new habit is 3 weeks.  For some of us, it might be a bit longer.

2.  Your goal must be attainable.  I don’t care if you are Houdini himself, it’s very difficult to go from nothing to something.  Pick a few days a week to be active instead of everyday.

3.  Give yourself some credit.  If you can only workout for 20 minutes, then that’s probably a lot more than what you were doing this time last year 😉

4.  Just accept it!  Stop taking back time to 5 years ago…what you USED to do.  You’re not the same persona and chances are, your responsibilities have changed as well!

Working out is the one time that you have “me time”.  Enjoy it instead of making it so difficult 😉