Pecans, almonds, cashews anyone?

pistThere is probably not one nut I like.  Ok, I could stay away from cashews, but what about you?  We have so many to choose from!  What nut is good?  Which one is high in calories?   I found just the right information for you to choose your perfect nut!


Pecans– Artery Defenders (the most antioxidant-rich nut)

Serving size: 14 halves/ Calories: 185/ Fat: 16g

WalnutsInflammation Fighters (rich in Omega-3)

Serving size: 18 halves/ Calories: 200/ Fat: 21g

AlmondsGut Supporters (fiber and rich in VitE-powerful antioxidant)

Serving size: 23 / Calories: 170/ Fat: 15g

CashewsBrainpower Boosters (rich in Iron & Zinc)

Serving size: 18/ Calories: 165/ Fat: 13g

Brazil– Potent Cancer Protector (100%DV Selenium)

Serving size: 5-6/ Calories: 185/ Fat: 18g

Pistachios– The Skinniest Nut (VitE and B6-mood enhancer)

Serving size: 50/ Calories: 160/ Fat: 14g