I want to thank you in exploring the option of hiring a personal trainer.  Working out is both a mental and physical commitment, which may require the assistance of a professional.  I ventured out of the Sports Medicine field into the personal training world in 2002.  As I began as a personal trainer, I found that there were many voids in the connection of goals versus lifestyle.  It’s very easy to make a statement of “wanting to lose weight”, however, there are many facets that must be explored in order to be successful.

There are two examples I always use with my clients when educating them on their lifestyle change:

1. You must peel back a lot of layers to the onion.  One must dig deeper, even emotionally, to connect to the desire of their goal.  Scraping the surface leads to failure and repetitive habits.

2.  You wouldn’t sit on a chair that only has 2 legs would you?  Becoming “healthier” means hitting on all cylinders of nutrition, resistance exercise, cardiovascular activity, and mental strength/education.

     Sometimes it takes the insight of a professional to set the attainable expectations that may seem out of reach.  As your personal trainer, contact me and let’s sit down to discuss how you’re functioning now, and where you see yourself in the next 5-10years.  I look forward to making an impact in your life.


Kristina Casillo-Collins