I’ve really gotten into this movement lately.  I love the total body workout you achieve through a large range of motion.  The medicine ball slam is a great full-body, compound, multi-joint exercise that generates explosive power from your core.  It takes stabilization and strength from the legs as well.  You can change up this exercise from a stable flat surface onto a BOSU ball.  I use 15-25lbs. with clients, but you may use as little as 10lbs. to 40lbs.  It’s not as easy as it looks so be careful!

Trainer Tips:

1. Brace abs as you squat down to pick up ball and slam it down to the ground.

2. Bend knees and reach above head as high as you can.

3. Breathe in raising the ball and breathe out as you exert force slamming it down.

Have fun with this one!