Prescription Drugs


We can’t figure it out.  We want to feel better but sometimes we don’t want to take prescriptions or over the counter drugs.  At times, we feel that it’s the doctors quick fix.  Could there be a better way?  Are we taking the medicine to treat, or to prevent?

Researchers at the MayoClinic recently released new findings in the increase of consumption of Americans taking prescription medicines.  (June 2013)  Some of the prescriptions and suggested OTC medicines are depleting the body of nutrients, thus hindering our health instead of helping it.

Here are two common drugs and the nutrients they deplete:

NEXIUM AND PRILOSEC:  Deplete Magnesium levels in the blood and impair absorption of calcium and vitamin D. This boosts the risk of bone fracture, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.

METFORMIN:  A drug used to treat diabetes depletes Vitamin B12 in the body.  This nutrient is vital for brain and nervous system health. “This depletion is especially risky for people over 50 and for vegetarians and vegans, who may already have low B12 levels.”

Although these are only 2 types of drugs, one should look at what we are doing for our health.  Have you looked into your daily medicines- OTC or prescribed?  Turn on any news channel and weekly you will hear that Americans are overprescribed.  I think we rely to heavy on outside resources instead of holding ourselves accountable and taking action.  As I always tell my clients, “research, look it up, ask questions, are there other alternatives?”