Remember this name- Kendrick Farris


I am deep in the Olympics, watching afternoon coverage and staying up late.  I saw a story on an Olympic lifter who was Vegan and jumped from my couch. “I get you!”  “Yes you can!”  So I understand where Kendrick Farris is coming from- one can eat a meatless diet and still get their protein.  By no means am I lifting heavy.  The fact that he can weigh around 200lbs. and lift 800lbs. is awesome!  There have been many times when I am asked how I get my protein.  I’m also asked if I miss the meat.  Unlike Farris who has been a Vegan (NO animal products whatsoever), I have been a Vegetarian for 6 years.  Now a side note- when I was pregnant and still to this day, I eat salmon MAYBE once a week.

Farris made the switch in 2014 out of his respect for animals.  Since then, he has broken a number of records, feeling better all around.  He credits this new way of life to help control his mood, feel clear-headed and have more energy.  He loves any combination that includes black beans and avocados.  I can totally agree with this.  I keep an endless supply of black beans in the house and avocados are always a reach away.



So where can you gain this energy from, including protein?

  1. Edamame.  Those fun little pods we like to eat at a Japanese steakhouse packs 18g of protein per cup!  (Try to choose organic ones because most are genetically modified.)
  2. Lentils.  Lentils not only have 9g of protein per 1/2 cup, but are also high in fiber.  There are several different colors of lentils that cook and taste a bit different so play around with them.
  3. Black Beans.  My favorite!  At almost 8g of protein per 1/2 cup and packed with fiber, black beans also have loads of potassium, B6 and folate.
  4. Lima Beans.  These are well loved in our house.  They have about 7g per 1/2 cup of protein and contain leucine, an amino acid good for the muscles.
  5. Peanut Butter. MMMMgood!  I love peanut butter.  2tbs. has 7g of protein.  Put it on apple slices for a yummy snack!
  6. Steel Cut Oatmeal.  There are 5g of protein per 1/4 cup (dry) of this breakfast favorite.
  7. Avocado. Of course I had to include our go-to snack in this list.  It has only 2g of protein in 1/2 of one but is also a ‘good’ fat.
  8. Almonds.  Almonds sometimes gets a bad rap but did you know that 1/4 cup has 6g of protein, is a good source of Vitamin E and can help curb sugar cravings?
  9. Chickpeas.  I think chickpeas are just as versatile in food dishes as black beans. They have 6g of protein per 1/2 cup. Hummus anyone?
  10. Green vegetables- broccoli and brussels sprouts.  Both of these vegetables have 2g of protein per 1/2 cup and can be a side to dish to anything.