Stand up tall!


The human body was made to move…jump, squat, reach, walk, twist and so on.   Instead, we have become professional sitters.  This has a terrible affect on our health and quality of life.

Dutch behavioral scientist Erik Peper has found that when we sit up straight we are more likely to remember positive memories as well as have positive thoughts about life in general.  Dr. Peper uses his finding in his class by having his students get up and move through stretches several time during his lectures.

How does posture directly effects on our moods?  By our hormone levels.  Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk explains her research on the effect of expansive posture.  Dr. Cuddy used saliva samples to show the participant’s proper posture decreased cortisol (stress hormone) and increased testosterone (hormone responsible for confidence and energy).

Check yourself:

-The heel arch of the foot should be directly under the knee, just like in your perfectly executed knees over the toes.

-Knees should be at a 90 degree angle, think of your legs as 2 sides of a square.

-Be sure your legs are not dangling.  Your feet should be supporting the weight of your legs not the back of your thigh.

-Hips are also at a right angle, just in the opposite direction.

-Abdominals are engaged, think of pulling the belly button into the spine and lifting the rib cage away from the hips.

-Chest up, shoulder down and relaxed.

Now the most important money maker you have… your head.  Think our your head like a golf ball on a tee.  If the tee is tilted the golf ball would fall.  So….

-Head over shoulder.

With these easy steps you will be on your way to feeling better.  The best time to start your new posture regiment is yesterday, but NOW will work too.  So get to it and own your title of Professional Sitter.