The Secret To Reaching Your Health And Fitness Goals




We all know that change is not that easy.  The approach should be towards the quality of a workout not how hard, how fast, or how strong.  A great example is in the Pilates classes I teach.  Pilates has been the one application of exercise that is the perfect model of what to do and what not to do.  It requires precision, strength, and control.  Many times after a class, I’ve been told that it was challenging but the person didn’t really didn’t feel anything.   What?  No blood, sweat, or tears?  A day or two later, they hate me.  Well not really, but they were definitely sore for a few days.  This is a great example of how a workout should be.  With Pilates, the soreness and difficulty of the workout sneaks up on you because your core muscle are relatively small in size when compared to other muscles of the body.  As with any workout, quality supersedes quantity.  How many reps you can do, how fast you can do it, and the range of motion has no impact on your progress.

Now, if you only workout once a week, well that’s another story.  You are only re-training the body from what you did the week before working out once.  Do you have children?  Do they go to learn at school every day?  What about your pets?  How did you train your dog?  What about the job you do?  I’m pretty sure you have to stay on top of performance day after day.  So why should the expectations on reaching your health and fitness goal be any different?  The number one reason why people fail, is because of inconsistency.  Like with anything you’ve done in your life, if you don’t put the work in you won’t get results.  It’s just that simple.  Heck, I even try to think of that motto with my own life.

The secret is no secret at all.  Think smart.  Think consistent.