Living our lives is a day to day task based off of what we have scheduled. What we don’t see are our “time suckers”. How efficient are we?  Are there “things” that take up our time during the day that we really don’t need?  I’m always faced with the challenge of “I don’t have time”.


As a Wellness coach, I love to break down a client’s schedule and provide autonomy of their lifestyle.  When one accepts responsibility, feels confident,  and in control of their day, the foundation of a healthier lifestyle is established.  I don’t think that we are ever in complete balance of our professional and personal life, but knowing how to adjust so that we have a sense of feeling successful is achievable.


Most of my coaching sessions are done over the phone, on a weekly basis, at your convenience.  If you feel the need to touch base with me in order to stay on track, we can do that!  I understand that life is hectic so let’s discuss how to get focused!


Kristina Casillo-Collins