What’s in a food label?

I was watching the news on Friday when a story came up regarding food labeling.  The FDA is working to unveil a new food label that highlights the serving size and calories in the food we consume.  The new label would ditch the “calories from fat” but show the “added sugars” of the product that you are purchasing.  Take a look.

nutrition label


What do you think?  Does it change the way you look at food? Although I appreciate the FDA”s attempt to create awareness to the general public, it’s the Royal Society for Public Health that I’m applauding.  This group in the UK has proposed that food should display HOW MUCH TIME AND WITH WHAT ACTIVITY IT TAKES TO BURN OFF THE CALORIES IN THE FOOD YOU ARE EATING.  What?  I jumped off the couch when I heard that!  The health and fitness industry has been preaching the calories in, calories out model for decades.  In order for you to lose weight, one must consume less calories than what they are burning off.  I come across people who are shocked that they’re not losing weight even though they got in their 10,000 steps.  Most people don’t understand where the calories are coming from and why it is so challenging to lose weight.

What prompted this call to action?  The research in the UK revealed:

  1. Activity symbols on packs would prompt consumers to choose healthier options or exercise more.

2.  Research shows that some consumers find current nutritional labels on the front of products confusing because of information overload.

3.  People spend just six seconds looking at food before buying it.




So that Snicker bar that I ate  yesterday would take me 42 minutes to walk of or 22 minutes to run off! Those who like blueberry muffins better get moving!   So would it change your mind on what products your purchasing if you knew something would  take some effort in getting rid of?   FDA take notice.  I love this idea!